Course curriculum

  • 1

    I. Introduction-Begin Here Before You Sell

    • Introduction-Welcome

    • Course Landscape

    • Who Am I? Anne Z

    • What is This Course About? Here's A Bare Bones Outline

    • The Mindset of Selling Online

    • 1 Hour a Day is All You Need

    • Feedback Your Online Reputation

    • Tell A Friend!

    • Using Social Media to Market Your Listings

    • Communication on eBay

    • Donating and Charity

    • Simple Bookkeeping

    • The Pluses and Minuses of Selling Online

    • Put Your Kids to Work, or Friends, or Family or Neighbors

    • Set Some Realistic Goals

    • Goal Worksheet

    • Sell on eBay START TO FINISH Action List

    • Recap of "Begin Here Before You Sell"

  • 2

    II. Get Ready to Sell

    • What to Sell on eBay

    • What Can't I Sell on eBay?

    • Downsizing and Moving Stuff Around the Universe

    • Photographing Items

    • Money Collection - Registering a PayPal Account

    • Register for eBay and Account Info

    • Let's Create a New Listing!

    • Listing Worksheet

    • Listing Strategies with Limited Free Time

    • Check Your eMail and eBay Messages Daily

    • Take A Day Off!

    • Recap of "Get Ready to Sell"

  • 3

    V. eBay Lessons

    • 25 Items I Recently Sold on eBay

    • Items Needed for Selling on eBay

    • Fees and Payments

    • Auctions vs Fixed Priced Listings

    • Length of Listings

    • Computer vs Tablet vs Smart Phone

    • Pricing Your Items with Quick Research

    • Photo Tools

    • DEMO - Taking Photos

    • Editing and Cropping Pics

    • Shipping Tools

    • Weigh It and Box It Up!

    • Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

    • Let's Ship This Thing!

    • Recap "eBay Lessons"

  • 4

    X. Conclusion

    • Sell on eBay START TO FINISH Action List

    • Congratulations

    • BONUS Money Saving Tips

    • BONUS Time Saving Tips